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Understand your players behaviors and game applications performance using quantitative metrics and tools.
Capture data that matters and visualize it through reports and dashboards.

Gaming Analytics allows a data-driven interpretation of how game applications perform, player behavior, interactions, and session data collection.

Game applications often involve the collection of data at different stages, whether you need a username to login to a game, answer questions while you interact or play the game, make decisions, or to fill out a survey at the end of the game, data collection enables to analyze the player engagement, contextualize the results,  measure performance and more.

On a educational learning environment, data analytics can provide insights how your students interact with your educational game, course, activity or training. It provides completion and effectiveness feedback that help you make better educational design decisions.

GRID's gaming analytics service is provided on demand as part of its educational game development cycle. We provide analytics and insights from the following game engines:

  • Unity
  • Articulate 360 Storyline