GRID at Rutgers University

Creating game technologies and concepts to increase learner engagement and course effectiveness.
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Rutgers GRID Services

Virtual Worlds

Had enough staring at a camera in Zoom? Try a new virtual space with avatars and custom built rooms! Check out Virtual Worlds to learn more!
Virtual Worlds
Screenshot from a virtual world

Rutgers Online Learning Conference

Free for Rutgers Faculty, Staff and Students
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Rutgers Online Learning Conference

Stardew Valley Character Creator Tool

Looking for a fun new avatar for online meetings or social media? Try this Stardew Valley Character Creator tool created by Jazzybee!
Stardew Valley Character Creator
Cartoon Avatar for Michael Gradin, inspired by Stardew Valley game

Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) works
with faculty, staff, students, and others within the Rutgers
community to build innovative games, immersive technologies,
and engaging experiences to improve education.

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