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Explore New Possibilities in Virtual and Real Worlds.
Immerse yourself in virtual worlds, enhance your experience with augmented reality, or mix the real and virtual worlds through extended reality!

GRID can help you design, develop, and deploy augmented, virtual, or extended technologies, assisting in building immersive applications, for desktop, mobile, or headsets.

Whether you are looking for a game, interactive experiential lesson, or conference networking tool, GRID can help you create the ideal application for your needs.

Unsure what the difference is?

Augmented Reality allows you to interact with real-world objects that can load digital objects for additional information, entertainment, or a bit of both.

Virtual Reality immerses you fully into a digital environment, allowing you to explore spaces you might not be able to reach or that have never existed in the real world.

Extended or Mixed Reality allows you to interact with digital objects in the physical world; displays overlayed on top of the real world, audio cues to let you know when to turn or when you’ve reached your destination, or a virtual tour guide showing your around a real world space are all possible in Extended Reality.

Explore below some of our most recent augmented and extended reality projects.